Wordtract .ai

AI microcopies plugins
that write your copy
so you don’t have to

Figma and Adobe XD copywriting AI tool generates remarkable results with enhanced outcomes.

Never run out of  words again

Wordtract’s AI assist will help you switch from lorem ipsum to meaningful and clean context in just one click! We mean it. All you must do is select a text node or some text in the input section, and witness AI do its magic.

Designing with Wordtract
is easy

Our plugin is being used by multiple sources worldwide and serves several different purposes.
You can use the plugin to:

Spruce up your website content, landing pages and blogs

Curate content to attract more clients for your agency

Create noticeable and compulsive Ad Copy headlines

Produce home pages, category pages, product/service descriptions, and more for your E-commerce brand

Get help with pitches, email content, and others for potential investors for your next entrepreneurial venture

Generate top-notch quality content and copy for your marketing campaigns

Find a copy for every function.

Years of experience. Hundreds of websites. 180+ intuitive human-written microcopy.
10 main categories.. And Wordtract is just getting started…

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between micro copies and AI assist in Wordtract?
The microcopies we offer are curated lists of hand-crafted texts and phrases that span across ten categories, each spanning hundreds of words.

In contrast, the AI assist is based on algorithms which are used to regenerate content. It is designed to rewrite and expand on the user’s input in order to produce outcomes that are similar to those produced by a human. Using it is quick, easy, and intuitive.

Can I use this plugin for free?
Yes, you can use the plugin for free. However, there are specific limitations on our free version, including access to 180 microcopies only, no support, limited daily re-writes for AI assist and no variants.

I have made a purchase, what’s next?
Congratulations on becoming our esteemed premium member! After your purchase, you can unlock all our features and where you’ll be able to spend less time tweaking the microcopy. For more information on how to register your license you can view our help guide below.

If I am unhappy can I get a refund?
No worries at all, visit this guide here for more information on how we can request your refund 😉

How can this plugin help with my design flow?
Wordtract’s plugin will enhance your content strategically, make it more optimised and give your design the much-needed context. We have designed our AI assist tool to automatically detect relevant keywords and phrases and rewrite text easily.
Wordtract is a great tool if you’re a designer or developer looking for words for your design. Communicate the right message on each page in the wireframe stage using Wordtract